A boutique law firm specializing in real estate and the representation of Israeli and foreign clients in complex real estate proceedings.

The firm, which is headed by Adv. Oz Shoshan, uses a range of unique tools and advanced methodology to carry out legal investigations in Israel and abroad.

Our firm has expertise over a broad spectrum of commercial and legal areas, which includes the drafting of business contracts, agreements for the sale of apartments and real-estate, drawing up enduring powers of attorney and guardianship appointments, wills and estates, financing agreements, proceedings at the Execution Office and Intellectual Property.

Over the years, we have provided legal support to individuals and to families and uncovered many moving and historic accounts involving assets belonging to subsequent generations of heirs. We are motivated by a strong passion to get to the truth, to trace historical information before it disappears, to ensure that the inheritances intended by previous generations are fulfilled and passed on to their heirs. We see this as our true mission.

Business and Commercial Agreements

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

Enduring Power of Attorney

Wills and Inheritance

Intellectual Property

Guardianship for Adults

What Our Customers Say

Advocate & Mediator Oz Shoshan

Oz’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of commercial activity in many fields, and he represents Israeli and overseas clients in complex real estate proceedings. The services which Oz provides include local and international inquiries to locate the owners of properties whose identity is not known, identifying real estate by the use of historical maps, negotiating sales transactions and the settlement of outstanding debts for property taxes, advising on inheritance law in complex cases involving multiple heirs and wills from different parts of the world, and the settlement and registration of ownership.

Our Firm In The News

The mystery had been solved: the unclaimed plot in Petah Tikva belonged to one of Israel’s best-known families
Following up on a family rumor: she discovered that she was the owner of shares which are now worth thousands of shekels.
After a century, mystery owners of coveted Petah Tikva plot identified
An inheritance out of the blue! 50 years after their grandfather went bankrupt, his grandchildren discover assets worth millions.
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