Oz Shoshan

Oz Shoshan specializes in real estate and in locating the owners of unclaimed assets.
When starting out on his career. Oz worked alongside the late Adv. Moshe Hertzog (RIP) from Petah Tikva and gained much experience on the complexities of real estate and tenants’ protection.
Oz has particular expertise in handling proceedings involving the sale of real estate, both in Israel and internationally, proceedings which often relate to cross-border issues.

Oz’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of commercial activity in many fields, and he represents Israeli and overseas clients in complex real estate proceedings. The services which Oz provides include local and international inquiries to locate the owners of properties whose identity is not known, identifying real estate by the use of historical maps, negotiating sales transactions and the settlement of outstanding debts for property taxes, advising on inheritance law in complex cases involving multiple heirs and wills from different parts of the world, and the settlement and registration of ownership.

As someone who is an instinctive entrepreneur, with extensive know-how in import/export that Oz acquired while working for A.P. Møller – Mærsk a Danish shipping and logistics company, and as someone who has worked and lived outside of Israel, Oz employs unique tools and advanced methodology to do his work, all of which gives him an edge in his field.
As a former officer in the IDF, Oz is also endowed with the skills to work with people from different backgrounds – skills which help him when it comes to complex negotiating processes.

Oz has an unlimited passion and curiosity for archival material and the stories they reveal. He collects ancient stamps as a hobby, and is driven by a sense of mission, that stays with him at any given moment in his work – to uncover the truth about a property and to do the right thing by its owner.

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