The Firm’s Services

We are a boutique family law firm specializing in real estate.

The firm specializes in the following fields: 
Drafting commercial agreements, sale agreements for apartments and land, drafting continuing powers of attorney and the appointment of a guardian, wills and inheritances, financial agreements, execution office, intellectual property.
Our firm specializes, inter alia, in the investigation of real estate properties from the previous century, the identity of whose owners is not known.

The firm, which is lead by Adv. Oz Shoshan, carries out legal investigations in Israel and overseas, and our services include conducting searches in archives, courts, private collections, genealogical research and direct inquiries using technology and sophisticated resources.
In the context of our services, our firm provides support to promoters. contractors and brokers in conducting negotiations in Israel and overseas, to locate and purchase real estate owned by multiple owners and heirs, in a process that requires negotiating skills, familiarity with the relevant foreign law and the ability to communicate in various languages in order to conclude a sales transaction and have a property registered.

In addition, our firm has specialist know-how in inheritance law in Israel and abroad, and to that end works to implement wills and inheritances involving tens or even hundreds of heirs from around world, as part of the settlement of ownership of assets that have been abandoned and/or forgotten over the generations.
As part of the firm’s involvement in real estate and venerable real estate issues, we also deal with previous tax liabilities, including purchase tax levied on real estate in the last century when, in many instances, property ownership cannot be transferred without such issues being resolved.

The firm provides a wide range of services for commercial operations in many fields:

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